At Ampersand Events, we are passionate about people.

We've heard of wedding redo’s but what about life celebration redo's? When it’s the anniversary or birthday of a loved one who has passed on, how do you want to honor them?

Ampersand Events is partners with Author, Brand Strategist & Tribute Expert Lynn Isenberg, author of “The Funeral Planner” trilogy book and digital series and founder of Lights Out Enterprises, creating meaningful experiences to remember.  Ampersand Events & Lights Out Enterprises focuses on creating pre-need and time of need life celebrations, memorials, and memorial re-dos.  "I’m honored to work side by side with Karen Waldron.  Waldron’s expertise at designing and implementing class-act events, combined with her respect and sensitivity, make her a perfect partner for end of life celebrations."

Let us help you with the fine attention to details in planning a tribute for someone you love.

We understand that it’s a difficult time when a loved one passes. With sensitivity and creativity, Ampersand Events in collaboration with Lights Out Enterprises offers an opportunity to remember your loved ones with unique experiences that honor their memory in the form of a “life celebration.”  

Create a day with family and friends to honor the memory of a loved one the way they would want to be remembered. 

We will help connect you to your local memorial companies while producing an event that will be a lasting memory for you and your family.

Celebrate Life!!! 

*Live streaming at the memorial service, luncheons or dinners to follow, floral design, catering, entertainment, traditional and unique life celebration venues, décor, transportation/limousine services, programs, guest books, day of timelines, video tributes, tribute books.